The Opera

AntiMidas, or, Bankers In Hades

the new, banking meltdown opera by Evangelia Rigaki and W.N. Herbert

AntiMidas Poster

Dates: 12- 14th December, 8.00pm nightly

Venue: Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College, Dublin 2

Ticketing: €15/ €10 conc. Booking via 

Economic crisis has become our new social norm, with opinions about the role of high finance polarised according to political belief and social status. Most people feel bankers should shoulder some degree of responsibility, even blame – but how much, and how should it be levied? This new opera takes the not altogether balanced view that they should all go to hell.

Irreverent and irrepressible to equal degrees, this explosive and satiric piece of new writing returns, like many operas, to the Greek myths – only to turn them on their heads. Everything King Midas touched, famously, turned to gold. But everything the banker Antimidas loves turns into quite another substance – which understandably makes for trouble at home…

Topical yet timeless, experimental and entertaining – Antimidas, or, Bankers in Hades rolls up all the contradictions and hurls them in the face of austerity. Fierce and funny, cloacal and iconoclastic – AntiMidas offers us a new antihero for our financial times.



Composer: Evangelia Rigaki

Librettist: W.N. Herbert

Director & Designer: John Lloyd Davies

Conductor: Lindy Tennent-Brown

Soprano: Catherine May

Baritone: Owen Gilhooly

Mezzo-soprano: Tamsin Dalley

Tenor: Tyrone Landau

Cello: Cormac Ó’Briain

Flute: Daniel Parkin

Trombone: Jon Clifford

Violin: Laura Marín Canellas

Percussion: Richard O’Donnell

Producer: Evangelia Rigaki

Graphic Design: Paddy Dunne

Marketing Manager: Lucy McKenna

AntiMidas, or, Bankers in Hades is kindly supported by the Irish Arts Council, Trinity College Dublin, and RTÉ Lyric FM.

Kindly supported by


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